About Denmark

Denmark is an island kingdom, and the sea is never far away. Magnificent beaches line the thousands of kilometres of coastline, and a wealth of fjords, bays and straits appeal, year round, to all who enjoy nature and the outdoors. Inland, you´ll find gentle hills, forests, lakes and streams, and scenery that changes with the seasons. Summer also brings long, light enchanting nights.


Copenhagen has the makings of a big city but at the same time everything is within easy reach. You can go exploring in a world of fashion, design, culture and gastronomy. But at the same time the surroundings offer lots of outdoor activities. There are idyllic seaside hotels overlooking the water and woods only twenty minutes away, where you can go jogging or take rides in a horse drawn carriage. Old historical buildings mix with new, awe-inspiring architecture. You can attend a classical opera at the Royal Theatre, the new Opera House or visit the alternative community ofChristiania .