Practical information

Meeting location

Malmö University
Nordenskiöldsgatan 10 (Orkanen)

Participant´s registration

On-site registration will be located in the entrance hall of Malmö University. Registration hours are as follows:

Delegates are required to wear their badges at all times. Anyone without a valid meeting badge may be denied entry to a session. All delegates have access to all conference sessions and facilities, except for the pressroom, which is reserved for journalists only.

The reception desk is open during conference hours. The reception staff can provide you with any information concerning the conference and practical aspects. Do not hesitate to contact one of the conference hostesses and stewards should you have any queries.

Message Board

A bulletin board for messages is located by the reception desk.


All delegates will have access to Internet. You find your personal log in printed on the back of your meeting badge. The reception will inform you about the location of available computers.

Press room in E121

The press room is open for registered accredited journalists only. It is located in room E121, please see signs or ask in the reception.

The press room is open:

Available equipment:

The press room is always manned, and we provide technical support.

Conference room capacities

Please note that all rooms are non smoking!

Room D131 200 seats (digital)
Room D138 400 seats
Room C231 80 seats
Room D222 80 seats
Room D328 80 seats
Room D337 80 seats
Room B423 80 seats
Room E439 80 seats
Room C233 40 seats
Room E239 40 seats
Room E340 40 seats

Meals and receMeals-and-receptionsptions

Coffee breaks, lunch and receptions are free of charge for all delegates. A welcome coffee will be served every morning in the restaurant. Tea and coffee will also be served between sessions at several coffee corners close to the conference rooms and in the exhibition area. Lunches will be served in the restaurant. On Tuesday evening a welcome reception will take place in the entrance hall at. 7.00 p.m. Welcome speeches will be held in the entrance hall on Wednesday morning.

9.30 a.m.—10.00 a.m. On Wednesday evening you are invited to a dinner in the city of Lund The Copenhagen Challenge will take place in Copenhagen on Thursday 1.00—9.00 p.m.

Medical care

If you require medical care, please contact the registration desk or any or the organising staff or hostesses/stewards. Alternatively, dial 112.